Wishing you all a happy 4th of July weekend, a splendid summer, and hoping you can still squeeze some classes into your busy schedule.  Even a little bit of yoga can help counteract the stiffness caused by summer activities like gardening, kayaking, hiking, and more.  And if you start to feel a bit overheated, try doing some shitali breathing (breathe in through a curled tongue and out through the nose) to cool down your body and your mind! 


Notices/Class Cancelations: 

* All regularly scheduled classes will still be offered over the 4th of July weekend. 

* Deanna’s Friday 5:30 pm Fluid Frequency class has been discontinued.  She will start offering workshops in the fall, so stay tuned.

* Brittney Van Dijk’s Monday 9:30 am Hatha Flow is also ending.  She is going to go back to school to become a Naturopath so let’s wish her the best!  However a new teacher will be offering a class on Monday mornings, see below for more info.


New Teacher: 

Let’s welcome Carmen to our studio!  She recently completed her yoga teacher training in India and is currently attended Whatcom Community college to become a massage practitioner.  Here is a message from her and be sure to see her class description below: 

Hatha yoga inspires me- it is the basic building block for all types of yoga, and I believe it is accessible for all types of bodies and levels. I am committed to offering my class as a safe, positive, and nurturing environment dedicated to encouraging each student to find personal success in their yoga practice with proper body mechanics. I truly believe yoga is for everyone, and I look forward to sharing yoga's many gifts with you soon! 

New Class: 


Hatha Flow Yoga

Taught by: Carmen Winquist

When: Monday 9:00 – 10:15 am

Based in traditional Hatha yoga, the physical postures (asanas) that we do in class are presented in dynamic, flowing sequences with some longer pose holds focusing on proper alignment in an environment centered on healing and honoring each individual. These asanas, combined with breath work (pranayama), promote a healthy body, mental clarity, and harmony within your whole being that can be integrated into daily life. Options are presented for all levels (gentle to more challenging).

Price: First class special $5, Regular rate $8 drop-in, $36 for 6 classes (valid for three months)


Bellingham Yoga



Kundalini Yoga Women's Full Moon Meditation Circle!!

Taught by: Ruby Koa

When: Sunday July 13th 7-8:30pm

Description: event-fullmoonAccording to yoga, meditating in conjunction with the cycles of the Moon can be very powerful. Let your intentions be magnified with other women and your hearts soar as we open our bodies with yoga & movement to prepare for deep mantra meditation.  This month, local singer Meggan Sheble will guide us through some singing warm ups, offer some tips , and teach us how to beautiful sing one or two different mantras!

Doors open at 6:40 and tea & snacks will be available before and after to allow for additional sharing with other women.

We'll continue to offer these circles monthly, though the format and focus as well as the date and time will change slightly each month (note that due to the studio schedule, the circle won’t always be right on the full moon), so see the website for details each month.

Testimony submitted by regular attendee: I felt like I was in church tonight!  But it wasn't like any church I've ever been to.  As we sang, chanted, moved together the room was clearly filled with spirit!  Undoubtedly, that spirit will follow each and every one of us home. Thank you so much for creating the meaningful ritual that I believe our culture is so hungry for.  Now I can say "Yep, I go to church once a month at Inspire Studio!"

Price: Ruby's Regular class prices apply

Bellingham Yoga



Breathwork for Healing and Self-Care

Taught by: Tanya Hughes

When: Sunday July 27th, 1:00 to 2:30pm

Breathwork is a phenomenal tool for releasing stuck physical, mental and emotional energy.  Every single cell in our body requires a steady flow of oxygen to thrive.

In a modern world, which ignores the wisdom of the body in exchange for efficiency and progress, our breath can become shortened as muscles constrict and life force is dampened in reaction to environmental and emotional stresses.  Our breath is a deep and constant source of nourishment and energy for our aliveness.  Consciously engaging in an active breathing practice washes and nourishes the body with life giving oxygen, stimulating both cellular and subtle body cleansing that invites a tangible inner and outer sense of ease, balance and awareness.

Replenish your body, quiet your mind and remember the unwavering peace that lies within. Learning a simple and active 2-part pranayama based breathing practice will awaken your senses and the healing intelligence of your own body.  You can explore the depth and breadth of your being through the power of your inhale and exhale to increase energy flow, release anxiety, invoke new patterns and sensations and magnify your vitality and sense of SELF.  Each class is the same format, and like walking a labyrinth, the physical path remains constant, as your experience evolves and changes.

No previous experience is necessary, just curiosity and a willingness to receive.

Please Bring: This breath work is practiced lying down.  Mats and blankets are provided but feel to bring your own, as well as water and your willingness!

BIO: Tanya Hughes is a healer, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Maya Abdominal Massage Practitioner focused on providing skilled and heart-fully influenced experiences that assist you to relax into the wisdom of your body or come to truly inhabit it for the first time. Her approach is solidly grounded in over a decade of work and study in soft tissue bodywork, anatomy & physiology, injury treatment, yoga, meditation, breathwork and more. A believer in the healing power of consciousness through self-inquiry, Tanya focuses on inspiring increased body awareness and self-care as a pathway to optimal wellbeing.

Price:  $20 advance / $25 at the door.  Please RSVP to: tanya@tanya-hughes.com

Inspire Studio