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In one of Bellingham's beautiful historic buildings, Inspire Studio offers its students over 2,000 square feet, high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a break from the busyness of everyday life.


We provide yoga mats and props free of charge at all of our classes. We even have eye pillows you can use for your relaxation!


We offer an array of unique class styles not found anywhere else in town, like Aerial and Kundalini Yoga and even dance and Tai Chi all under one roof.

Studio Schedule

Inspire News


Open Time Slots for Studio Rental: Monday mornings after 11, Wednesday mornings, Wednesday evenings after 7, & Thursday mornings before noon. However, for filming and photography, or anything that is not ongoing, anytime that is available on the schedule may be booked up to just a few days in advance.


Breathe & Flow

 Saturdays, 9:00-10:00 am  Starts Feb. 2nd!
 $10 drop in, $50 6 class pass (3 mo. expiry)

Breathe & Flow is a Hatha-based flow that is designed to help you find calmness, grounded alignment, suppleness in the body, and rejuvenative strength. Each class will be unique, targeting different areas of the body and offering different challenges to stimulate adaptability of the body, the mind, and nervous system...

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Internal Martial Arts - Chen Tai Chi & Xin Yi

 Sundays 8:00-9:00 am
 Drop in - $15.00  Monthly: $50

Chen Tai Chi is the considered the original Tai Chi. Xin Yi is a martial art that predates Tai Chi by 800 years. Both arts are known as internal arts, meaning that Qi (aka Chi) is used to move the body...

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Studio Events

Yin + Reiki

 Laura Orso and Shelly Grant
 The 2nd Sunday of the month   4:45-6:00 pm
 $30, early bird special$25 online until 11:59 pm, 7 days before class. Class is limited to 10 people, so please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. 

Come and enjoy 75 minutes of self-care and awareness on the second Sunday, monthly.  See our online schedule in case of a schedule change. You'll be guided through this hour-fifteen minute Yin Yoga practice, lead by Laura Orso, as you receive Reiki, from Shelly Grant.

In this practice, you will be guided through several seated and laying down Yin postures to help stretch the connective tissue in your body, while receiving Reiki to unblock, recharge, and align your Chakras.

We hope you will join us for this evening of deep healing.

Please arrive between 4:20 and 4:30 pm.

Bellingham Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Winter Yoga Series

 Brooke Wertz
 12 weeks, 1/9/19-3/27/19, Wednesdays    5:15-6:00 am
 $100. Cash, Checks, Venmo, PayPal, and cards accepted.  Pay at first class. Drop-Ins welcome: $10.

Add dimension to your weekly exercise!

Yoga series focusing on warming, awakening, & soft AM movement, building core for Spring and releasing our snow-worked Winter legs. The class will build on flowing poses, weaving in new strengthening and opening poses at each class. Accessible for every body and experience. All welcome and encouraged.

Pro-rated series encouraged for practitioners needing to begin any time.

Connect: nwfoldyoga@yahoo.com
Learn More: https://nwfoldyoga.com/


Brooke facilitates every student in maintaining their healthy bodies through focused, lively, fun, flowing classes set to a great playlist! Brooke studied Baptiste inspired Power Yoga at Power Yoga Academy and is a 200 RYT.

Brooke teaches to student's particular interests in individual, small group, and class settings: building endurance for sports, healing through injury and diagnosis, and finding comfort for all body types. Yoga is the 'unifying theory' for Brooke, trying together all the fundamental forces that have shaped her own practice.

She brings 16 years of Power and Ashtanga practice, 15 years as an elementary teacher, an interest in anatomy and physiology, and her love for learning, mountain biking, skiing, travel, and adventure.

Brooke's passion for and understanding of the healing and possibilities yoga offers has grown through sports, injuries, childbirth, and breast cancer treatment. Woven through each class is Brooke's acceptance, determination, compassion, and playful spirit. Brooke encourages joy and limitlessness for all.

Bellingham Yoga

KwanYin Qigong and Vocal Toning: A 6 Week Series

 Jade Liu
 Sundays  (6 weeks) February 17th thru March 24th   10:30-11:30 am.

*This class will restart April 14th 11:00 am-12:00 pm as an ongoing class!

 $80 for the 6-week series or $15 drop-in
RSVP: JadeLiu.Inspire@gmail.com

Class begins by creating Sacred Space using breathwork, movement, and guided Imagery to energize your body and brain with Kwan Yin Qigong - a dance form taught by Master Teacher Masahiro Ouichi (Tao Zen) that incorporates breathwork (internal) with movements (external) to manipulate the flow of life force energy in and around us for unlimited health benefits. Then move deeper into the practice of subtle energy using the power of your own natural voice. Vocal toning practice uses sound frequencies to help us pinpoint the sonic “nutrients” we are missing and replenish them. This practice uses Sound "seed" syllables from various sacred world esoteric traditions to help raise our overall energetic vibration. Energize yourself!

Jade Liu, Certified Kwan Yin Qigong Instructor, Integral Yoga Teacher (IYINY), Reiki Master Teacher (Edgar Cayce Institute, NYC). Nada Yogi (Open Center, Sound & Music Institute).  Years of education, personal studies, research and dedicated practice has developed into her life path as Teacher and Life Coach using Subtle Energy Therapies. Trained in voice, piano and dance Jade channeled her childhood passion into the Healing Arts; using sacred Sound, Reiki, yoga, breathwork and mindfulness to facilitate wellness and spiritual growth.


Bellingham Yoga

Spring Equinox Celebration – Budding into Balance

 March 22nd   7:00-9:00 pm
 $20 advance, $25 door

If you tried to preregister and the site was down you can come and pay the early registration price when you arrive or try the link again. Thank you

Welcome Spring!! Budding into Balance is a time to rejuvenate and move into a deep inner balance. Spring Equinox is a time of balance, when night and day are equal in length. This evening will be deeply Relaxing and Balancing! We will practice some gentle yoga and meditation to open and balance our mind and energy centers. From this space of openness we will set our intentions for Spring. Moving from there into a powerful process to clear the cobwebs of winter and prepare us to manifest the spring we desire. We will top it all off with a deeply relaxing and healing extended double Gong Bath. The talented Roger Tjoelker from Transformative Sound (www.TransformativeSound.com) in Seattle will be joining Kristine to embrace you with the richness of sound.

Hope you can join us!!

Bellingham Yoga

Introduction to the Art of Tantra for Singles and Couples

 Sat, March 30th   1:00 - 6:30 PM
 Single Early Bird: $85 (until March 9th), Single Reg. Price: $100 (after March 9th), Couple Early Bird: $160 (until March 9th), Couple Reg. Price: $175 (after March 9th)

Would you like to experience more Pleasure, Passion and Love?

In a fun, safe, interactive, educational, and supportive environment, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect spirituality, sexuality and intimacy
  • Learn Tantric techniques to remove blocks and increase orgasmic potential
  • Add playful and creative ways to attract the Beloved you seek or deepen and spice up your existing relationship
  • Open energetic pathways that will create more awareness, vitality, and pleasure through the exploration of this empowering practice…comes the ability to celebrate and share more fully in all aspects of your life!

Presented in a Safe and Sacred Space…Fully Clothed…with Open Minds and Open hearts
Singles, Couples, and Moresomes of All Genders and Sexual Orientations Welcome

For More Info, Visit our Website: www.tantricsacredjourneys.com
With Questions, Contact us at: dawn@tantricsacredjourneys.com dawnarising@yahoo.com 720 333-7978

Dawn and Gerard



Dawn and Gerard are Certified Tantric Educators of 16 years, thru Source School of Tantra Yoga. They are a loving couple of 20 years, the founders of Tantric Sacred Journeys,  live  primarily in Boulder, Colorado, and offer Tantra workshops and private coaching for Singles and Couples around the country. They are honored to share their work with the Bellingham, WA community.

Bellingham Yoga

New Moon Planetary Gong Bath and Harmonic Attunements

 Carmen Cicotti and Loren Schaumberg
 Fri, April 5th   7:00-9:00 pm
 $25 in advance, $30 at the door


We’re blessed to have sound healer Carmen Cicotti visiting from Lopez Island, accompanied by Loren Schaumberg. They will be playing four planetary gongs throughout the evening- Earth Year, New Moon, Neptune, and Venus- as well as providing supportive soundscape with other sacred instruments. They will be working with the themes of balance, foundation, and grounded perspective in the spheres of love and money. You’ll have the opportunity to set intentions with the new moon to find clarity in how you approach your relationships and your sense of comfort.  

During the session you​ will be led in a guided relaxation meditation with the harmonies​ of Tibetan Singing Bowls, then into deep rest as the Gongs fill the space. This is a profoundly transformative and powerful experience – be prepared to have your mind and heart expand in glorious directions!

Gong sounds build a safe environment for the mind to relax and let go. Deep states of meditation become automatic. The gong's vibrations gently massage participants on a cellular level. The frequencies generated allow the body to release, reset, and re-align to a balanced state, affecting the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes. Yoga mats and blankets will be available, but you may also want to bring a camping mat, eye pillow, or personal pillow to maximize your comfort. You are also invited to bring a small offering to place at the altar that will be in the room. Your offering can be anything: something to add beauty to the room; something you want to honor; energy you want to invite in, or let go.

Bellingham Yoga

A Day Journey Into Intimacy and Love
Do you feel that there may be more to love than you are experiencing?

Are you ready to deepen your relationship together …to enjoy more pleasure and create more connection?

We offer this workshop as an opportunity for you to journey deeper into your relationship as a loving couple.

Share the day merging with your Beloved.

Learn how Tantric Loving and Sacred Sexuality can greatly add to your relationship. Discover new paths of loving each other in Conscious, Healing and Playful ways!

During this Transformative day, you will learn ways to….

  • Deepen the intimacy and connection in your relationship
  • Love your partner with more intention of healing and enlivening
  • Awaken orgasmic pleasure in ways you’ve only dreamed about
  • Create a sexual relationship that honors your love and commitment
  • Banish boredom from the bedroom and enjoy each other in a renewed way
  • Learn ejaculatory choice… to increase sexual pleasure, health and vitality
  • Bring more sensuality, love, passion and joy into your life!

Presented in a Safe and Sacred Space…Fully Clothed…with Open Minds and Open Hearts

Couples of All Genders and Sexual Orientations Welcome

For More Info, Visit our Website: www.tantricsacredjourneys.com
With Questions, Contact us at: dawn@tantricsacredjourneys.com dawnarising@yahoo.com 720 333-7978

Bellingham Yoga

Exploring the Fabric of the Feminine: A Workshop for Women

 Sun, April 7th   Noon - 5:30 PM
 Single Early Bird: $85 (until March 17th), Single Reg. Price: $100 (after March 17th), Couple Early Bird: $160 (until March 17th), Couple Reg. Price: $175 (after March 17th)

As women, we are sensitive to all of the the natural cycles life. In this spring time of rebirthing, we can tap into our inner and outer light, wisdom and beauty.

How do we balance the source of our radiance, health, sensuality, and vital feminine shakti energy?

By cultivating our natural resources and balancing our wisdom, heart and sexual centers, we deepen our connections to our own source and self healing and awakening, so that we have even more to share with our passions and those in our lives.

I invite you to join me for a day of guided, supportive, and safe exploration into the Tantric Feminine.

Through eduation, along with safe ritual and exercises, we will encourage and support each other to enliven, heal, awaken, and celebrate our deepest feminine nature.

This day will be offered in a very Safe and Sacred Space. No Nudity. Single Women and Coupled Women are Welcome. Single Women...you can also invite a Sister, and register at the Couples rate.

I look so forward to spending the day with you.


Visit www.tantricsacredjourneys.com for More Information

For More Information and to Register, Please Contact Dawn at: dawnarising@yahoo.com 720 333-7978

Bellingham Yoga

Women's Kundalini Yoga Full Moon Meditation Circle

 Friday April 19th   7:00-8:30 pm 

 Drop in $15, Student drop in $12, Class packages and new student specials can be used.  . 

Let your intentions be magnified with other women as we open our bodies with yoga & movement to prepare for deep meditation. This event serves as a great opportunity to gather together with other like-minded women to celebrate and tap into our powerful feminine energy and to deepen our understanding and relationship to the cycles of the moon. Be sure not to miss this opportunity for connection and community on the actual full moon!

Tea and light snacks are available afterwards so plan to stay for a bit! Bring a journal and an item to set on the altar if you’d like. And please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get your spot so we can start on time.

Bellingham Yoga

Backbends can feel both vulnerable and empowering because they require an opening of our individual energy – our hearts, and trust in universal energy – our backs. They lead to greater feelings of openness, connection and empathy, while giving us a shift in perspective. They improve posture and lung capacity, while counteracting the everyday slouch we find ourselves in when sitting and driving.

During this 3 hour workshop we will explore the different energies of the front and back heart through heart centered visualization, breath-work, mudra and intention, and gentle opening and warming of the body. We will move from simple to complex, progressing into deeper and more advanced backbends. Finally winding down with counterbalancing postures to relax and release the effort and finish with a guided, heart-centered meditation in Savasana.

You will leave feeling empowered and refreshed, with tools to connect to and open the heart, to build strength and to deepen your back-bending practice.

This workshop is for All Levels (3 CE hours) *minimum of 4 participants required


Marin McCallen, 500 ERYT

Marin's own practice was a transforming force in her life, leading to deeper self-insight, increasingly healthy habits, and strength in body and purpose.  Her evolution into teacher enforced her belief in yoga as a healing practice as she witnessed similar shifts in her students again and again.

Marin approaches her teachings with reverence for the wisdom and tradition of yoga and with light-hearted humor and enjoyment of life. She embodies the natural curiosity of a traveler, and exudes a willingness of heart. Her teaching style is articulate, enthusiastic, present, grounding, and empowering.  She remains a student, always expanding her studies, and now trained in many different modalities including vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, yin & restorative yoga.

Bellingham Yoga

Muse Bellingham (Fusion Dance Venue)

 Hayley Gehman, Eddie Moreno, David Beaumier, Jared Anderssel, and Michelle Dannehy
 1st & 3rd Saturdays ongoingly  
 7:30 pm-Midnight

 $5-12 sliding scale

Muse is a Bellingham Fusion dance venue. Fusion is a type of social dancing which pulls from many different dance backgrounds such as Blues, Swing, Tango, Zouk, Salsa, Ballroom, or whatever else our dancers bring to the floor. We are a community who values communication, consent, connections, and creativity.

We are always delighted to include new people, and anyone who is willing to respect our dancers, organizers, and space is welcome to join us! No experience or dance partner is necessaryas we set aside time for a lesson and practical before we turn the lights down and play music for the social dance. 

Contact us with any questions at: musebellingham@gmail.com

We are the leadership team of Muse Bellingham. We have all been part of the overall Bellingham Dance community for several years (in fact, between the five of us we have 30+ years of dance experience!). We love to dance tango, blues, swing, salsa, contra, micro, and fusion, but are always happy to try a new dance! We’re delighted to have the opportunity to dance in such a beautiful studio and to be running this fusion venue!

Bellingham Yoga


Are you interested in renting our beautiful studio space? See below for studio rental prices. Visit our About page for more information.

Private Events

(discounts are available for those who rent more than 5 hours in a given day or month).

Learn more.

Filming, Photography, Etc.

Bulk Special: If you book more than 10 hours in a single month, you can have our reduced $25/hr. rate!

Learn more.

Private Lessons/Classes

Most of our teachers offer private lessons and/or semi-private lessons at affordable rates. Contact the individual instructor for pricing and scheduling.

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Inspire Studio Reviews

  • Julia Moss ★★★★★
    This historical one room yoga studio is a beautiful place for a class. Instructors range in style, class time, and difficulty but owner Ruby Koa does a beautiful job filling her space with love. Drop in for a sweat at the noon power hour on Tuesday or Thursday, start your weekend off right with a free meditation class Friday afternoon or ever try the new aerial yoga class offered with silks. Inspire is an incredible place to find community and spirit.

  • Ali Michelin ★★★★★
    Thus place really does have heart ♥! I've only taken classes with Ruby, but heard great things about the other instructors too. There's a calm, happy energy about this space, and Ruby is so open, sweet, joyful and just a fabulous instructor!! I highly recommend Inspire Studio!!