Welcome to Inspire Studio!  We offer a variety of classes including several styles of yoga, a couple Martial Arts classes, and workshops/events that are sure to enhance your life.  Check our website occasionally to see what’s being offered or join our mailing list to receive monthly updates.  The unique feature of our studio is that because the teachers rent out time slots, they are their own boss and set their own pricing, which is why our schedule changes pretty often and we don’t offer a pass that is studio wide.  But don’t worry, with our low drop in and class pass rates, many students find it’s still easy to attend multiple teachers’ classes.  If you have questions about a particular class, look on the teachers page to get the info to contact a teacher directly.  Click here for more info. on renting our studio or for our list of studio policies/etiquete. 

All of our classes are ongoing (unless otherwise specified) and drop-ins are welcome, so you don't have to register ahead of time. Just show up 5-10 minutes early to fill out your waiver and to get set up. We have mats available to use free of charge.





Ruby is sadly passing on her Tuesday 7:15-8:45 pm candle-lit restorative class. Her last class was March 29th. However, Ross Hansen will be continuing it as a yin yoga class. See details below.

Brent’s last Friday 10:30-11:45 am Vinyasa class will be April 29th as he’s moving in May.

Canceled May 4th: Mandy’s two classes: 12-1 pm Soul Journeys- Guided Shamanic Meditation and 7:15-8:30 pm Kundalini Yoga for Health & Excellence will be canceled.

Bellingham YogaNew Ongoing Classes:

Yoga (mixed levels/styles)

Taught by: Minta Allred
When: Thursdays, 9:30-11:00 am

This class encourages presence, to develop a strong inner teacher through subtle body awareness. Inspired by a methodology that synthesizes Ashtanga flow, Iyengar alignment, and the teachings of Desikachar, we will synchronize movement with breath, to facilitate a meditative experience connecting mind and body. Each class balances detailed instruction, breath guided movement, and intentional sequencing. The emphasis of this breath centered class is on transitions, drsti (focus), proper alignment and mindful movements for deeper integration. Postures are taught with anatomical understanding and technique. Classes are delicately themed to deepen the student's experience and props and modifications are taught to individualize the practice for each student.

Price: $10 Drop-in*
$90 for 10 class pass (expires in 6 months)
*No one is turned away for lack of funds

Bellingham Yoga

Yin Yoga (with Tibetan Singing Bowls)

Taught by: Ross Hansen
When: Tuesdays, 7:15-8:30 pm

Come relax in Yin Yoga where we hold deep stretches, gently, for long periods of time. By softening into long held stretches, we are able open our connective tissues and joints. We cultivate awareness through moving our bodies slowly and intuitively.  We try our best to let go of right and wrong, or how we look, as we cultivate our practice through going inside and feeling.  You will discover how deep your Yoga practice can go when you let go of shoulds and practice acceptance for what is. Ross plays Tibetan Signing Bowls through the room, and on the students to help them develop tools for delving deeper into your internal landscape, as well as leading guided mediations at the beginning and end of class 

Price: Price: First Class - $7, Drop In - $10, 5 Class Pass - $45 (expires in 3 mo.), 10 Class Pass - $80 (expires in 5 mo.)
Student Pricing: Drop In - $7, 5 Class Pass - $25 (expires in 3 mo.)

Bellingham Yoga

Bellingham Yoga



Somatic Integration: Embodiment for Self-Care via Fluid Body, Structural Mapping, & Nervous System Releases

Taught by: Deanna Clasby
When: Sunday April 3rd & May 15th  
12:30-3:00 pm each session

Price: $20, pre-registration not required

Please join Deanna Clasby's Somatic Integration Workshop, in which she’ll be teaching a systemic approach, intended to orient the individual to the organic intelligence of their own body. We will explore slow, full body movements that allow us to “hack” into the nervous system, releasing the underlying causes of tension. When we are in “fight, flight or freeze” mode our nervous system organizes our tissue in guarded, readied, or immobilized positions. When we move slow enough we can feel these nervous system signals & are able to start re-negotiating them from a sense of support, capacity and ease. We will practice how to let our system “drop,” how to listen to what it needs, and how to find a tacit assessment of well-being.

Contact Deanna with any questions: email riverflamerolfing@gmail.com or call: 360-224-1363.

Bellingham Yoga



Embody Love Workshop for Women

Taught by: Minta Allred
When: Saturday, April 9th, 1-4PM
(For adult women 19+ in age)

Price: $25 (Proceeds support the nonprofit www.embodylovemovement.org) RSVP by emailing mintaallred@mac.com to guarantee a spot! Drop-ins welcome! 
*No one is turned away for lack of funds

Workshop Description:
EMBODY LOVE WORKSHOP TM is a 3 hour transformational workshop for women ages 19 and up that takes participants on a journey toward self-acceptance. The goal is for women to set new intentions about how they feel, think, and speak to themselves and others. Participants are offered the opportunity to engage in process exercises in which they explore their internalized beliefs about beauty and self-worth and are given the tools to understand that these negative beliefs have a detrimental impact on their viewing themselves as purposeful and worthy.

Experiential exercises include:

Bellingham Yoga



Transformational Breath Workshop

Taught By: Kristi & Blake Allen
When: Sunday April 10th, 1:00 – 3:30pm

Price: $25 preregistration $30 at the

Time of purchase

Description: Discover how breath is the key to Personal Transformation. Change your breath, change Your Life!

In this Transformational Breath Workshop you will be introduced to Transformational Breath and its benefits. We will demonstrate Transformational Breath and offer a Breath Analysis for a volunteer. There is time throughout the program to ask questions and expand your understanding. Following a short break we will begin our Group Breathing Session. These sessions are facilitated by a wonderful staff to help coach and support your Breath Journey. Each session is unique and the benefits are deep and transformational.

Biography: Blake and Kristi Allen have been supporting people who are on a path to thriving physically, emotionally and spiritually for over 2 decades. They are both Facilitators of Transformational Breath®, massage therapists and Workshop Leaders. To support others in unfolding the deep truth of who they are Kristi and Blake have opened the Be Free Center and facilitate workshops in Transformational Breath®, Oneness and Kundalini Yoga.

Bellingham Yoga


23 &


Yoga Asana Assisting Workshop

Taught by: Brent Kuecker
When: Saturday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 24th. Detailed schedule below.

Price: $45 per workshop or $150 for all 4 

Description: Learn and practice effective, concise, and creative techniques for assisting your students in Yoga poses. This workshop will focus on the three ways that humans learn and help each other: verbal, visual, and hands-on. These three types of assisting are essential to bring optimal awareness and skill to your Yoga teaching. While this workshop is designed for Yoga teachers, it is just as valuable for students of Yoga, for when we help others achieve the aims that we ourselves seek, we learn more about our abilities and the ways in which we can grow.

Schedule: Saturday, April 23rd:
12:30 - 3 p.m: Standing poses
3:30 - 6 p.m: Down Dog and inversions
Sunday, April 24th:
12:30 - 3 p.m: Back bends
3:30 - 6 p.m: Forward folds, twist, and hip-openers

Bellingham Yoga



Women's Kundalini Yoga Full Moon Meditation Circle

Taught by: Ruby Koa
When: Saturday April 23rd, 6:30-8:00 pm

Price: Ruby’s Reg. class rates apply.  ($7 for new students, $12 drop in, or you can use your current class package)

Description: Let your intentions be magnified with other women as we open our bodies with yoga & movement to prepare for deep meditation.  This event serves as a great opportunity to gather together with other like-minded women to celebrate and tap into our powerful feminine energy and to deepen our understanding and relationship to the cycles of the moon. This month’s special guest will again include Sudevi Sundari who will lead a beautiful mantra meditation with her harmonium and beautiful voice!

Lots of snacks and tea are available afterwards so plan to stay for a bit!     


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