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In one of Bellingham's beautiful historic buildings, Inspire Studio offers its students over 2,000 square feet, high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a break from the busyness of everyday life.


We provide yoga mats and props free of charge at all of our classes. We even have eye pillows you can use for your relaxation!


We offer an array of unique class styles not found anywhere else in town, like Aerial and Kundalini Yoga and even dance and Tai Chi all under one roof.

Studio Schedule

Inspire News


-Canyon’s last Intuitive Yoga class will be May 30th.
-Dwayne Rogge’s Sunday evening photography classes will end May 26th and restart in September.

Open Time Slots for Studio Rental: Mondays between 11 and 5, Tuesdays after 7 pm, Wednesdays before 5, Thursdays before 5:30 pm and after 7 pm, and Sundays after 9 am. However, for filming and photography, or anything that is not ongoing, anytime that is available on the schedule may be booked up to just a few days in advance.


Kundalini Recharge

 Mondays 5:45-7:00 pm
 Ruby’s regular rates and new student specials apply.

You can’t think yourself out of thinking...out of anxiety, out of self-doubt, or fear.  But you can change your energy to change your thoughts, allowing you to change your life!

Clear away stress from your work day and start your week off powerfully with this dynamic class focused on restoring your vital life force energy...
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Hatha Yoga: nondual Shiva/Shakti

 Wednesday’s 7:15 – 8:15 pm
 $15 per class drop-in or $60 for 5 class card (valid 2 months)

Gentle to moderate paced class that flows with the energy cycles of the moon. Offering asanas that balance, stretch and release tension, calming breathwork, mudra, and closing with relaxing Yoga Nidra and/or guided meditation and mantra. Jai Ma!

More information visit: www.mountainshakti.com

Studio Events

Energy & Sound Healing

   Thursday June 13th      7:30-9:00 pm

 $20 in advance, $25 at the door $15/$20 for Students  

Join Ruby and Sue in their long awaited initial collaboration.  This deeply restorative evening will start with brief centering, breath work, gentle movement, and meditation. Ruby will then lead everyone through a Yoga Nidra practice (a guided relaxation) followed by around an hour of sound healing, including Tibetan and crystal bowls and the gong. Meanwhile, Sue, who is a very intuitive and seasoned energy medicine practitioner will be working on the whole group. This will not only increase everyone's receptivity to the healing sounds, but will act as a catalyst for clearing physical and emotional blockages, as well as allowing greater connection to one's true self.

This event is not only a wonderful opportunity for those desiring healing and restoration, but also for those who are either physically unable to do yoga or who would like to opt for a more affordable form of energy work than a one on one session.  Treat your whole being to this experience of sound and energy healing!


Sue Staley

I am a Spirit-Body-Mind healing practitioner. I provide a loving, calm, and grounded environment to create deep levels of healing, empowerment, and transformation. My work enhances self-love, awareness and connection to one's higher self and others. I invite you to deepen your spiritual and healing journey with me.

Bellingham Yoga

Women's Kundalini Yoga Full Moon Meditation Circle

 Tuesday June 18th   7:15-8:45 pm 

 Drop in $15, Student drop in $12, Class packages and new student specials can be used. 

Just a day after the actual full moon, let go of what’s burdening you while allowing your intentions to  be magnified as we open our bodies with yoga & movement to prepare for deep meditation.  This event serves as a great opportunity to gather together with other like-minded women to celebrate and tap into our powerful feminine energy and to deepen our understanding and relationship to the cycles of the moon.

Tea and light snacks are available afterwards so plan to stay for a bit! Bring a journal and an item to set on the altar if you’d like. And please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get your spot so we can start on time.  

Bellingham Yoga

Summer Solstice Sound Healing & Double Gong Bath

 Friday, June 21st   7:00-8:30 pm 

 $15 advance, $20 at the door ($10 advance for Students

On the night of the actual Summer Solstice, this sound healing event is a wonderful opportunity uplift your consciousness, balance your energy, and reset yourself. This nurturing evening begins with gentle stretching and movement (all beginner level), breathing, and meditation to allow the nervous system to prepare for the sound vibrations. Then enjoy an extended relaxation (at least 40 minutes long) while experiencing the powerful healing sounds of two gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and a version of guided meditation known as Yoga Nidra.

The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, releases us from the torrent of thoughts our mind continuously generates and stimulates our glandular system to a higher frequency of functioning.

 “The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. There is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind-the sound of the gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It is the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.” – Yogi Bhajan

Doors open at 6:30. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to get set up. Mats and blankets are available to use, but bring your own for extra comfort if you’d like.

Bellingham Yoga

Workshop "Introduction to Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga)"

 Sunday, June 23    10:00 am to 1:00 pm 

 $35 (advance) $45 (at door) *includes mid-morning snack & all print outs  

Come and discover the yogic tradition founded in the mountains of the Himalayas. Kum Nye yoga originates from the ancient Buddhist Vinaya and Tibetan medical texts. The word “Kum” means to expand, “Nye” means to stimulate the flux of energy in the body with the objective to bring the body and mind into balance. Tibetan born, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, brought the Kum Nye method to the West after Chinese occupation in Tibet. Kum Nye is an ancient structured yoga practice rooted in Buddhism, combining postures with meditation and self-massage. The practice balances, opens and expands one's understanding of Self. I've found these practices extremely direct and powerful in accessing and experiencing Oneness. Join me to explore this ancient tradition and learn who was the first Enlightened Tibetan and what she has to teach us!

Practice: Includes Kum Nye morning asana sequence, a guided cleansing meditation, key mantras of this lineage, followed by exploration of historical roots of this powerful and special tradition developed in the Himalayas.

Receive: Receive a take home print out of the morning daily practice inclusive of the posture sequence, cleansing meditation instructions, mantras and their meaning, and further reading material list.

Questions? Contact Stephanie dos Santos stephaniereneedossantos@gmail.com or 425 535-5565 or visit: www.mountainshakti.com


Stephanie dos Santos

Passion is empowering people to come into contact and potentially embody one's full Awareness through nondual Tantric wisdom while aligning one's inner rhythms with the natural cycles of the moon and seasons . She’s known as an inspiring, loving, creative, compassionate and uplifting yoga teacher, who possesses the Hindu goddess Bhuvaneshwari-like quality to create sacred healing, creative-expressive and meditative spaces. Certified in Integrative Yoga and Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga), she also is a longtime student of Sally Kempton’s nondual Shiva/Shakti teachings, with a focus in the sacred feminine and Kundalini.

Bellingham Yoga

New Moon Restorative Yoga

 Heather Williams
 Saturday June 30th   7-8:30 pm.
 $16 in Advance

Set and nourish your New Moon intentions with restorative yoga and guided meditation. Restorative yoga uses squishy supportive props and longer meditative pose holds (5-20 minutes) to facilitate deep relaxation like nothing you’ve ever felt. Ages 16+, come as you are, all levels of yoga/meditation experience, gender identities, and bodies are welcome!


Bellingham Yoga

Yin + Reiki

 Laura Orso and Shelly Grant
 The 2nd Sunday of the month   4:45-6:00 pm
 $30, early bird special$25 online until 11:59 pm, 7 days before class. Class is limited to 10 people, so please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. 

Come and enjoy 75 minutes of self-care and awareness on the second Sunday, monthly.  See our online schedule in case of a schedule change. You'll be guided through this hour-fifteen minute Yin Yoga practice, lead by Laura Orso, as you receive Reiki, from Shelly Grant.

In this practice, you will be guided through several seated and laying down Yin postures to help stretch the connective tissue in your body, while receiving Reiki to unblock, recharge, and align your Chakras.

We hope you will join us for this evening of deep healing.

Please arrive between 4:20 and 4:30 pm.

Bellingham Yoga

Muse Bellingham (Fusion Dance Venue)

 Hayley Gehman, Eddie Moreno, David Beaumier, Jared Anderssel, and Michelle Dannehy
 1st & 3rd Saturdays ongoingly  
 7:30 pm-Midnight

 $5-12 sliding scale

Muse is a Bellingham Fusion dance venue. Fusion is a type of social dancing which pulls from many different dance backgrounds such as Blues, Swing, Tango, Zouk, Salsa, Ballroom, or whatever else our dancers bring to the floor. We are a community who values communication, consent, connections, and creativity.

We are always delighted to include new people, and anyone who is willing to respect our dancers, organizers, and space is welcome to join us! No experience or dance partner is necessaryas we set aside time for a lesson and practical before we turn the lights down and play music for the social dance. 

Contact us with any questions at: musebellingham@gmail.com

We are the leadership team of Muse Bellingham. We have all been part of the overall Bellingham Dance community for several years (in fact, between the five of us we have 30+ years of dance experience!). We love to dance tango, blues, swing, salsa, contra, micro, and fusion, but are always happy to try a new dance! We’re delighted to have the opportunity to dance in such a beautiful studio and to be running this fusion venue!

Bellingham Yoga


Are you interested in renting our beautiful studio space? See below for studio rental prices. Visit our About page for more information.

Private Events

(discounts are available for those who rent more than 5 hours in a given day or month).

Learn more.

Filming, Photography, Etc.

Bulk Special: If you book more than 10 hours in a single month, you can have our reduced $25/hr. rate!

Learn more.

Private Lessons/Classes

Most of our teachers offer private lessons and/or semi-private lessons at affordable rates. Contact the individual instructor for pricing and scheduling.

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Inspire Studio Reviews

  • Julia Moss ★★★★★
    This historical one room yoga studio is a beautiful place for a class. Instructors range in style, class time, and difficulty but owner Ruby Koa does a beautiful job filling her space with love. Drop in for a sweat at the noon power hour on Tuesday or Thursday, start your weekend off right with a free meditation class Friday afternoon or ever try the new aerial yoga class offered with silks. Inspire is an incredible place to find community and spirit.

  • Ali Michelin ★★★★★
    Thus place really does have heart ♥! I've only taken classes with Ruby, but heard great things about the other instructors too. There's a calm, happy energy about this space, and Ruby is so open, sweet, joyful and just a fabulous instructor!! I highly recommend Inspire Studio!!