About Inspire Studio

Inspire Studio is conveniently located in downtown Bellingham on a very quaint section of Cornwall Avenue in the historic telephone building.  Nearly 100 years old, it was supposedly the first building on Cornwall.  Recently renovated, the building itself is a true testament that transformation is possible with a vision in mind and commitment of heart.  On the 2nd floor, with over 2,000 sq. feet of studio space, there’s a true sense of spaciousness and elegance that can be felt the moment you enter.  With windows on every wall, there’s plenty of natural light with the sun usually shining directly through at least one of them during the day.  The expansive wood floors, high ceilings, and brick walls create a tranquil atmosphere, definitely deserving of the name: Inspire Studio!

As amazing as it looks in pictures I don't think there's a camera/photographer who can do it full justice; this studio space really is an experience unto itself, and I hope many people get to share that experience."-Michael Aaron Battaglia

Steps lead to a raised kitchen, dining area, one large unisex bathroom with a shower that add an additional 600 sq. feet to the space.  There are also 2 changing rooms, a beautiful standing reception desk, and plenty of shelves and storage cubes for peoples’ belongings.  It is stocked with a variety of props: yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows, and around 20 chairs.  There is also a basic surround sound system that is compatible with an MP3 player, android or iPhone.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide sacred space for people to offer and participate in a variety of inspiring classes, workshops, and events that increase their wellbeing and encourage them along their paths.


  • Bring a smile and an open mind.
  • Unless otherwise noted on the website, in most classes it is fine to just show up without contacting the teacher first.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts to get settled in and to pay for your class/sign in.  As we don't have a separate reception area, it's difficult to sneak in when coming late, so please try your best to be on time.
  • If you are new, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out any paperwork and to give you time to talk to the teacher.  Please let him/her know before class if you have any significant health issues that may affect your participation in class, particularly ones that may affect your balance or stamina, and if you've had recent surgery, or if you are pregnant.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes early, please check the schedule in the info. box outside to be sure you aren't walking in on a class that is still in session as the doors are not usually locked during classes.
  • Take off your shoes and put them neatly on either of the shoe racks along the wall and place your belongings in the cubby holes to the left of the changing rooms.
  • When arriving late, please take your shoes off at the bottom of the stairs and bring them up with you, entering the studio quietly. 
  • Please turn you cell phone off before class begins.
  • Wear comfortable, non-restrictive workout clothing.
  • Please be aware of making space for others when/if the studio becomes full near the start of class.
  • If you use one of the studio mats, please wipe them using the mat cleaning spray and red rags available and hang them both on the drying rack near the yoga props to dry.
  • If you use any other yoga props, please put them back as mindfully and neatly as possible.  For example, place blankets with the fringes facing the back, near the wall.  That will save your teacher time and will make them tidy for the next class.
  • Please be mindful and light in your movements when possible as we have neighbors downstairs.
  • Feel free to call the studio or email any of the teachers with questions, comments, or concerns. You can also submit your feedback or suggestions anonymously for any teacher in the suggestion box in the bathroom of the studio.
  • There are no refunds for workshops or special events, though a credit may be given.

Teaching at Inspire Studio

Unlike most yoga studios, Inspire Studio doesn’t pay teachers to teach; instead, teachers operate independently and run their own classes/workshops out of the studio.  This model is one that gives teachers a lot of autonomy and supports them to have a direct relationship with their students.  It also allows teachers the possibility of generating far more income than they would under the typical studio model.  However, for teachers, it is an initial investment of time, energy, and money.  There are a few studios like this in town already such as La Vida Dance Studio (where I started teaching yoga in Bellingham!) or Bell Towers Studio, but ours is the first yoga studio in town to be set up in this manner.  I wanted to create the studio this way because I know both the challenges and rewards of starting a yoga career from scratch and would have loved to have been able to rent space affordably somewhere set up with teachers like me in mind.  The downside of studios ran in this model is the lack of sense of community; it’s just a space for lots of different people to be doing their own thing.  At Inspire Studio, it’s my hope that there is a sense of connection and collaboration among the teachers and that at least the option for community is there, whether it’s getting together every so often to practice together, have a group potluck or occasionally to put together collaborative events.

We also welcome teachers from the movement arts as well as part time practitioners of various modalities.  Yet we do have downstairs neighbors to be conscious of, so some louder activities or music related classes and events may require a bit of extra discussion and scheduling to be sure our neighbors aren’t negatively affected.  As it is a yoga studio, we ask that you take your shoes off upon entering the studio.  Depending on the type of class you’re teaching, it might be possible to wear shoes as long as they are not street shoes and are not damaging to the floor.

Benefits of Having Your Ongoing Classes at Inspire Studio

  • We’ll put your picture, bio, and class description on our professional and eye catching website at no additional charge to you.
  • You will have access to our Teacher Resource Page which will provide you with lots of valuable information on building an ongoing class as well as providing you with advertising advice and flyer templates.
  • Your class will be included in our monthly newsletter (at least once), put on the paper schedule that's available in the info. box outside the studio door and in the studio. We have a bulletin board in the entryway for your flyers. The one by the light switches is for studio events only, flyers for ongoing classes can go on the bulletin board across from there. You will also have the ability to add or change your own information on the Google calendar that connects to the website.
  • You will receive the perk of being able to use the space for up to 1.5 hours per day for personal yoga, meditation practice (or other approved activities in which no money is received by you) when the studio is available for a $5-10 donation. Details will be given when you sign the contract.
  • You can teach private sessions at the studio for a discounted hourly rate of $15/hr.
  • You only have to pay $25 per hour for having your workshops at the studio (a $20 admin. fee might be charged for putting your stuff on the website, etc.).


Please scan the following FAQs before calling to inquire about teaching as it may answer some of your questions.

For current rates, see the Rental Rate menu to the right of each page on our website.

*Ongoing means weekly scheduled classes. Note that classes that are taught in sessions or that are held once a month are all $30/hr., despite the time of day/week, and will require a deposit.

For an example of what your rent would be: if you hold an hour and 15 minute class in the morning, your total rent would be $31.25 and $37.50 for an hour and a half class. For the $30/hr. prime time slots, it'd be $37.50 for an hour and 15 minute class and $45 for an hour and a half class.

You'll receive an invoice a few days before the beginning of the month with your rent due for the following month. It's due by the 7th of the month (A late fee of 10% of your monthly rent will be issued if you’re not in contact with Ruby about the delay). Be aware when your class falls on a day that occurs 5 times in a month as your rent is charged per class rather than a flat fee per month.

* A $25 fee will be charged for bounced checks (note that often it takes Ruby 3-4 weeks to cash checks, so balance your checkbook accordingly).

Because of all the work that goes into orienting a new teacher to the space, getting all of their information on the website, etc. we now require teachers to commit to a 6 month lease for their class but it may be possible to go month to month after that as long as you give a 1 month notice prior to ending your class or changing your time slot.

A $100 refundable security/damage deposit is now required in check form to make sure tenants follow through with renting the space for 6 months.  Note that the $100 deposit check will not be cashed unless damages are incurred or the lease is broken.  If all is well at the end of the 6 month term, the check will be torn up. If the time slot is changed or a 2nd class is started, the deposit will be required again.  A $25 fee will be charged for bounced checks.

When choosing a time slot to teach, you can see the Google calendar of our schedule on the home page for availability.  As the schedule changes rather often, don’t hesitate to let Ruby know if there is a particular time slot that you are interested in starting a class in and she may be able to let you know when/if it opens up. 

As mentioned in the teaching at our studio section above, starting a class from scratch is a commitment and takes time, energy, and consistency to cultivate.  It may take at least 3 months to start breaking even and 6 months to a year is really the minimum amount of time needed to build really healthy classes, depending on your own advertising efforts and what time slot you're teaching in of course.  The best advice I have is to never give up!  Once you find a time slot that works well for you and your schedule and a class style you're passionate about, stick with it.  Teachers often make the mistake of blaming their lack of attendance on the time of their class or other factors, but from my experience, all classes fluctuate and although a small percent of the time changing your class style or time slot might solve your problem, the majority of the time, consistency wins out over changing something! 

Teachers pay for their time slot each week, whether the class takes place or not, with the exception of the evening of Thanksgiving and Christmas day which will be waived.

Although I recommend trying to get a sub vs. canceling a class, I understand that there a cases when a class needs to be canceled. It’s best if you can let Ruby know well in advance and a notice can be put on the homepage of the website and possibly on the paper schedule, but you should still notify for students and put a note on the door close to the date you’re canceling.

Unplanned class cancellations are strongly discouraged as this reflects poorly on the teacher and the studio, and you may very well be able to recruit one of the other teachers or a teacher in town to sub for you. If you do have to cancel last minute, it is crucial that you attempt to notify your students through an email and a notice on the door. If you can, contact Ruby, as she may be able to cover your class or at least put a notice on the door if you are unable to.

It's recommended that if you are new to Bellingham that you consider teaching elsewhere first, like at a local fitness center where you will get paid no matter how many students you have.  This will not only boost your confidence, but it will get your name out there so that when you do start your own class, people will be excited to attend.  Also with the financial commitment required, it is better that you have some other source of income so that starting your new class won't be a financial burden on you. 

It is better to start slowly in this regard and build up one class over many months before adding a second or third.  The exception would be if you're teaching two totally different class styles or subjects or if your time slots are quite varied.  Another way to tell you should add another class is if your students start asking for another one.  Just be careful not to get pulled in too many different directions when they start giving you feedback about when that second class should be.  Again, consider what you can most comfortably commit to before you promise your students anything.

Since ours is not the typical studio, it can be helpful to look at the different classes that are already offered and to consider offering one that either enhances the current schedule or teaching something that is not yet being taught at our studio.  It may even be worthwhile to attend a few of the classes to get a feel for how your class would be similar or different to those being offered.

Yes, having your own insurance is required.  Though it is an expense of at least $100 per year, it's an important part of being an independent yoga or movement teacher.  Ruby has made a comparison chart on the different options available that you can access on the teacher resource page if you decide to become a teacher at our studio.

Though I pride myself on our studio being one in which teachers have autonomy, I realize that every teacher needing to have their own waivers is complicated, especially for students who attend more than one teacher's class.  So we have decided to have everyone use the same waiver.  However, if you want to have your own waiver, you’re of course more than welcome to. More info about this can be found on the resource page that you'll have access to if you decide to become a teacher at our studio.

As teachers are responsible for collecting their own fees, keeping track of their student base, marketing their class, and building the class size, choosing your class price is a big deal.  Some teachers use a sliding scale, but just make sure to not offer your class by donation as students often take that to mean free. Most teachers have a drop in rate and then a reduced punch card rate that includes and expiration date.  I recommend that style because then you don’t have to get money from every student every class and it encourages more commitment from your students, but it's important you choose pricing that feels good and makes sense for what you are offering.  More info on this can be found on the resource page that you'll have access to if you decide to become a teacher at our studio.

You can contact Ruby by emailing: inspirestudiobham@gmail.com or by calling 360-447-8778.  She’ll be happy to give you a tour of the space and answer any of your questions.  However, if you're seriously considering teaching at Inspire, please read this page thoroughly, browse the different areas of this website, and compile a good idea of what and when you'd want to offer a class so that she can help you get something into motion.  She's happy to offer support and advice, but make sure you're not asking questions you could have had answered on this page.

Studio Rental for Private Events, Filming, Photography, Etc.

We tend to have many chunks of time in our studio schedule both during the week and weekends when the space is available.  Depending on what you need the studio space for, whether it's to hold your child's birthday party, to take photos for your portfolio, or to rehearse for your play or dance, our space just might be the perfect fit.  In most situations, a security deposit will be required to ensure you follow thru with your booking and that the space is left exactly as you found it. 

Filming, Photography: There are very few places in town that rent their facilities for photography or filming.  Because our space is on the second floor, you don't have to worry about people seeing in and can take advantage of the beautiful brick walls and lighting from all the windows. You are given 15 minutes at the beginning and end of your agreed rental time for set up and take down. The fee is $30-35/hr. depending on the amount of people who will be in the space, etc.  For returning renters who’ve shown they are respectful of the space, it’s possible to prepay via PayPal for their session instead of sending a deposit.  See below for cancelation policy.  

Bulk Special: If you prepay for 10 hours (hours must be used within one year of purchase), you can have our reduced $25/hr. rate!

One Time Special or Private Events: If you are interested in using the space for a private event (small to medium private gatherings, special events, etc.) the fee is $40-$50/hour depending on the kind of impact that the event may have on the studio. All renters are strongly encouraged to have liability insurance and provide a copy to Inspire Studio. If you cancel your event, some or all of your deposit may be kept.

Rehearsals: If you need a place to practice for a comedy show, dance, singing, etc., our space might be a good fit for you as we often have evening and weekend time slots available. The rate depends on the amount of people who will be using the space, but generally, the rate is $25/hr. Discounts are possible when for a non-profit organization or when a big chunk of time is booked.

  • Deposit Policy: A $50-$100 (depending on the scope of the project or event and length of time booked) refundable deposit is usually required to ensure that the space is well cleaned, respected, and that the key, if loaned to you, is returned. Note that the deposit check will not be cashed unless damages are incurred or if the agreed rental time was canceled. If all is well after you’ve left, the check will be torn up.
  • Payment: Your full payment is due the day of your agreed booking. You can deposit your payment in the drop box in the bathroom that poses as a suggestion box. Envelopes and pens can be found on the box. When we’ve received your payment and seen that the studio is in good shape, your deposit check will be torn up.

    A $25 fee will be charged for bounced checks.
  • Cancelation Policy: Since no advertising on our part is required for these activities, the cancelation policy is slightly more flexible than with workshops.
      • More than 2 weeks: It is permissible to reschedule, though $25 of your deposit will be kept and considered an administrative fee if you cancel altogether.
      • Between 1 and 2 weeks: 50% of your deposit will be kept
      • Less than 1 week notice: 100% of your deposit will be kept

Workshops and Public Events

These refer to classes or events which are not ongoing and in which you plan to charge per person.  Keep in mind that as much as we enjoy having workshops at our studio, we don't have a lot of time to help you with workshop planning or promotion.  You will do best if you have your own web of people to spread the word to as well.  There are links below to help you with your workshop planning and we will also give you access to our workshop resource page where you can download a flyer template to use and read lots of information to help you plan your event, from pricing and registration to good flyer locations. 

  • Rental Fees: If you are interested in teaching a workshop at Inspire Studio, the rental fee is $35-$50 per hour, depending on the length of it, the amount of people anticipated, the nature of the workshop, etc. Feel free to email your workshop proposal to Ruby at:  inspirestudiobham@gmail.com to receive a clearer estimate of your workshop hourly rate or if you have questions or concerns around having a workshop.  A cheaper flat rate may be available if the space is needed for several hours or if you intend to simply rent the space with no support on our end.
  • What you do: You are responsible for coming up with a solid workshop plan as well as printing out flyers, hanging them, and promoting your workshop as much as possible on your end through emails, Facebook, etc.  You also handle the registration of students and pay the rent to Inspire Studio directly after the event.  It's best if you have your own way of registering people online, like through Eventbrite or PayPal.  If you are from out of town, if approved, Ruby can help with flyering and registration, but that might change the agreement to a percentage split.  
  • Deposit: A $50-$100 (depending on the type of workshop and length of time booked) refundable deposit is required to ensure that the space is well cleaned, respected, and that the key, if loaned to you, is returned.  We won't put your workshop information on our website, newsletter, or schedule until this deposit is received.  If it's not received within two weeks of your event date, your spot will no longer be reserved.  Note that the deposit check will not be cashed unless damages are incurred or if the agreed rental time was canceled.  If all is well after you’ve left (assuming you took good care of the space and left everything in order), the check will be torn up. A refund on your deposit will be issued when you return the key and give payment for your event.
  • Payment: Your full payment is due the day of your event.  You can deposit your payment in the drop box in the bathroom that poses as a suggestion box. Envelopes and pens can be found on the box.  When we’ve received your payment and seen that the studio is in good shape after your workshop, your deposit check will be torn up. 
    *A $25 fee will be charged for bounced checks.
  • Workshop Cancelations: 
    • More than 2 weeks: It is permissible to reschedule, though $25 of your deposit will be kept and considered an administrative fee if you cancel altogether.
    • Between 1 and 2 weeks: 50% of your deposit will be kept
    • Less than 1 week notice: 100% of your deposit will be kept
  • What we do:  We are happy to put your event on our website, Google Calendar, and possibly in our newsletter and monthly printed schedule as long as you get it to us at least one week before the end of the month.  We will also give you access to our workshop resource page where you can download a flyer template to use and read lots of information to help you plan your event, from pricing and registration to marketing ideas. 

Useful Links for planning your workshop


Are you interested in renting our beautiful studio space? See below for studio rental prices. Visit our About page for more information.

Private Events

(discounts are available for those who rent more than 5 hours in a given day or month).

Learn more.

Filming, Photography, Etc.

Bulk Special: If you book more than 10 hours in a single month, you can have our reduced $25/hr. rate!

Learn more.

Private Lessons/Classes

Most of our teachers offer private lessons and/or semi-private lessons at affordable rates. Contact the individual instructor for pricing and scheduling.

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Inspire Studio Reviews

  • Julia Moss ★★★★★
    This historical one room yoga studio is a beautiful place for a class. Instructors range in style, class time, and difficulty but owner Ruby Koa does a beautiful job filling her space with love. Drop in for a sweat at the noon power hour on Tuesday or Thursday, start your weekend off right with a free meditation class Friday afternoon or ever try the new aerial yoga class offered with silks. Inspire is an incredible place to find community and spirit.

  • Ali Michelin ★★★★★
    Thus place really does have heart ♥! I've only taken classes with Ruby, but heard great things about the other instructors too. There's a calm, happy energy about this space, and Ruby is so open, sweet, joyful and just a fabulous instructor!! I highly recommend Inspire Studio!!