Since last August, Inspire Studio has been entirely online. In the turbulence of 2020, many of us found ourselves going through a lot of changes and transitions. What I’m coming to terms with is that even though I loved the physical space so much, the essence of Inspire studio - what it brought to us all, the sanctuary we felt there - is still here, it’s still within us. And in this way, I feel the closing of the physical studio is mirroring for all of us this process of loosening our identification with the physical so that we can connect more fully with the non-physical, with the spiritual, the virtual.

Inspire Studio has been providing full and vibrant offerings online with multiple instructors teaching 20 classes every week.

No matter the format, in person or virtual, live or recorded, we are making sure that there is a place for your yoga practice to continue and we’re grateful to support each other during this giant transitional time when we need it the most.

We would love to hear any class/course/workshop style or time requests or ideas from you. It is my heart’s most precious vision that Inspire studio is an oasis of love and light that can reach and uplift many people, more than ever before. So if you have even far away friends, please spread the word and then let us know when they attend and we’ll happily send you a free class or discount coupon for an event. We’re so happy to be in community with all of you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Ruby and the Inspire Team


Though Inspire Studio doesn’t often hire people for ongoing positions, Ruby is always looking for people to partner, collaborate with, or teach series or workshops. And now that we are virtual, that opens the possibilities even more fully. So please email your ideas to Ruby at inspirestudio@gmail.com or call or text her at 360-447-8778.

If you are interested in our offerings but finances are an issue, we are always wanting to work with you to make attending classes possible. We have a few work trade opportunities even though we are online only such as flyering around town or virtual assistant work, so contact Ruby to inquire.


Loving Kindness Virtual Monthly Pass

In these crazy times, we want to offer a pass that is accessible to people regardless of their current financial status. Yes, there's lots of free yoga available online, but the community that comes along with our live classes and events is really needed right now, and we don't want the people who need it most to be turned away. This is also a monthly pass instead of a membership so that it can be flexible for you. For example, you may have to skip a month or maybe in some months, you might be able to pay more or need to pay less.
We call this the Loving Kindness Pass because those of you who are in a season of abundance may want to pay more to allow us to offer more of these passes to people who are on a more limited income.
This pass also includes access to our growing content library.

Testimonies about our Online Classes

Virtual yoga at Inspire studio has been an incredible resource to stay active and reduce stress during this uncertain time. An incredible mind/body experience. I feel interconnectedness to other students all practicing yoga together via the live video feed. It feels amazing to open up my legs, back, hips, and neck through deep stretch and relaxation.
-Kristen T., Bellingham, WA

During COVID, all my routines have changed, except my yoga practice. Inspire Yoga Studio has made it easy for me to continue my practice at home through their online virtual classes. It's been great to continue that connection, chatting with Ruby and fellow classmates before and after the virtual session. Plus, working from home can make it hard to set boundaries, but registering for a virtual session makes me hold myself accountable to wrap up work and roll out my mat. It provides me with something to look forward to. For those of us feeling like we are "on Zoom calls all day" this is nothing like a regular Zoom meeting. No headsets needed and  you are active and moving, plus able to get guidance and feedback from the  instructor. Added bonus? My new favorite shavasana is legs up on the couch. These virtual classes are great! I highly recommend attending and it also helps support a local business during this hard time. Keeps me active, gives me something to look forward to, no extra time for travel to and from the studio, supports a studio I care about..it's a win win win!
-Tamara, Bellingham, WA


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Inspire Studio Reviews

  • Julia Moss ★★★★★
    This historical one room yoga studio is a beautiful place for a class. Instructors range in style, class time, and difficulty but owner Ruby Koa does a beautiful job filling her space with love. Drop in for a sweat at the noon power hour on Tuesday or Thursday, start your weekend off right with a free meditation class Friday afternoon or ever try the new aerial yoga class offered with silks. Inspire is an incredible place to find community and spirit.

  • Ali Michelin ★★★★★
    Thus place really does have heart ♥! I've only taken classes with Ruby, but heard great things about the other instructors too. There's a calm, happy energy about this space, and Ruby is so open, sweet, joyful and just a fabulous instructor!! I highly recommend Inspire Studio!!