Guy Ortiz

Since 2001 Guy has been learning to wrap his head, body, and spirit around Yoga. When Guy first began practicing Yoga it was a great way for him to work off steam, get a good work out, and sweat a lot. But after suffering several injuries from martial arts, mountain biking, climbing, skateboarding, and snowboarding his Yoga practice began to evolve into a way to rise up out of injury and into a stronger more centered self. This enthusiasm inspired a deeper study into Yoga and Guy became aware that he had something really worth teaching; the relationship of mind, body, and spirit through Yoga. In the fall of 2010, Guy completed a 200 hr teacher training with Ana Forrest and then continued his studies with a year-long mentorship under Forrest Yoga teachers Suzi Zobrist, Willow Ryan, and Kelley Rush. To further his understanding of kinesiology and therapeutic movement, Guy became a licensed physical therapy assistant (PTA) in the winter of 2016.  Guy’s specialty lies in blending modern physical therapy practices, knowledge, and reasoning with an ever evolving Yoga and movement practice.  He is always searching for ways to deepen not only the physical practice but also the mysterious and wonderful connection between emotion and movement.  Guy teaches his classes rooted in experience and from a place deep in his heart. He strives to teach Yoga as a transforming, powerful, and grounding experience to awaken and invigorate the human spirit.


Yoga For Alignment, Strength, and Wellness (Mixed Styles/Levels)

When: Guy is not currently teaching as he’s focusing on his physical therapy career. He will hopefully restart a class soon!

Yoga for Alignment, Strength, and Wellness is a deep internal and physical practice designed to cultivate greater awareness of body, mind, and spirit. Each unique class is a blend of pranayama (breath work) and flowing and static poses that lead to an apex pose. Class is student centered and designed to challenge the beginner to advanced yogi with careful attention to alignment and postural integration. Yoga for Alignment, Strength, and Wellness will help you stand taller, breathe freer, and be more grounded in life.

Guy Ortiz

Yoga For Alignment, Strength, and Wellness Teacher

Bellingham Yoga Studio

$7-15 sliding scale

Inspire Studio