Heather McAbee

Heather first began her yoga practice at home through the DVD by Ali MacGraw called Yoga: Mind & Body, with teacher Eric Schiffman.  She fell in love with the practice at first glance and has been practicing off and on since 1996.  In 2014, she began to commit more time to her practice with consistent, regular time on the mat at a studio and at home. 

In an adventure to Montana, Heather attended her first aerial yoga class and fell in love at first glance once again.  Aerial has a way of deepening and supporting the stretch, and incorporates so much fun through inversions. She came away from each class, feeling like she had just flown! After attending regular classes there for a period of time, she decided to take the Level 1 and Level 2 aerial teacher training with Limber Tree Yoga Studios.  Upon completion of Level 2 certification, she began teaching every week, and expanding her mat practice at home by adding in the hammocks.

Heather is a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning, which is an energetic therapy work.  She specializes in the support and healing of individuals with physical, emotional and sexual abuse and trauma. She incorporates healing modalities from this practice into her aerial yoga classes and loves working with the chakras for balancing the whole body-mind system.

Heather is very excited to introduce aerial yoga to the beautiful community of Bellingham!

Aerial Yoga

When: Thursdays 5:45-7:00 pm and Fridays 10:30-11:30 am

Description: Class begins with a positive meditation and breathwork, grounding us for our practice.  We move with the breath through asanas with the support of the hammock, always mindful of our posture.  Each class includes optional hammock supported inversions.  Concluding the class we will relax deeply inside the hammock for savasana, allowing our body to gently float in the air.  Our aim is to be safe, have a lot of fun and to walk away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated through the whole body-mind system.

This class is open to all fitness levels and ages 18 and up. 

Safety is our number 1 priority so please abide by the following:

*Contraindications for inversions in this practice include:

**Jewelry is not allowed in class because it can snag the fabric.  Snags in the fabric will compromise the integrity of the material to support human weight.  Please remove all jewelry prior to starting class - especially rings!

***Please arrive 5-15 minutes early so we have time to set up the appropriate hammock height for you and start class on time.

****Preregistration is recommended.  We have 14 spaces available for each class.  To preregister, please text Heather at 360.303.7881 or register online.

Heather McAbee

Aerial Yoga Teacher siennamarie.yogastudios@gmail.comsiennamarieyogastudios.com

Bellingham Yoga Studio

Drop in - $25.00
                                               10 class pass - $220.00
($22 per class - expires in 6 months)
                                                20 class pass - $400.00
($20 per class - expires in 1 year)


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